glut-any on the high C's.

you know. glut. pronounced gloot.
as in gluteus maximus.
as in ass muscle.

i fear my singing may sound like ass.
most days nowadays i frankly dont give damn.
especially with studio tricks.
but, jason nodler sez we wants to do a tribute show for my late buddy cary winscott. ask me to put some music together. i want to sing some songs and play. to show that i can do it.

the singers spotlight weighs heavy for the doubtful.

i have much to be joyful about.
i have much to be fearful of.
i have much to be concerned about.
are fearful and concerned doubling up on joy.
yes. at times.
breath. dont forget to breath.
we are what we eat.
its soooo polluted here.

winey baby....

i need a new super furry animals cd.
i hope they release one this year.

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