more shoulder surgery and miking the pious

well, as my son would say "what the crap!"

i'm going under the knife again next monday.
i dont like the idea. because this time i know what to expect.
3 months of recovery and misery.
viodin addiction looming in the horizon.
not being able to use my right arm. and i write with my right arm.
that stupid waver that i had to sign. which reminds me that dr. noland is not responsible for any screw ups including death!

i'm always nervous going under.
this time i know what to expect.
if lady luck values the idea of speedy recovery, then when the dr goes in for my bone spurs and torn meniscus problem, maybe he wont find that i need rotator cuff fixing. which would be great, because then i only heal for 2 weeks.

oh please! all the gods including the one that claims he's the only one (which is all of them i'm sure), even though i believe in none of you.
maybe we should worship the gods that we dont believe in. then, maybe, they cant see us to act their retributions upon us. kinda like when your on acid and the cops cant see you because you dont believe in them. dammit! nevermind.

today was my nieces birthday. she's 2. they had it at the lake woodlands park that we sprinkled my moms ashes in. we were right next to a christian band. eewwwww! i had fun telling them that they were too loud during their mic check.

i'd like to say that we've come along way from chanting around a fire with painted faces. but, by cultural measurement of this band, we've done the impossible. we have de-evolved the concept of open public worship though music. its amazing to me how much christian bands eschew concepts of theology and geometry. now if jesus was in a band....hmmm.
too many tasty humans, not enough hungry aliens. well, we got 12/21/12 to look forward to. hope i make it to witness the demise of all that are an offense to taste and decency.


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Anonymous said...

Less pain, more gain, less ache, more heart, less dissonance, more songs in the key of F, less stress, more chasing the magic of the moment. Be Well!