wood, like wheels, grow round

here are some things i wish i heard today. but, didn't.
and some ascii characters i wish i typed today. but, i didn't.*

find a creek, boy, wet your finger, and send your paper boat.

roads are long when trucks with blindspots, crumple up your bike.

carried water from the house to ease the sickly bush.

neck is longer, theres a brake light, wonder what he took.

staring back from brown doe eyes, collide us in the ditch.

whisper ivy, draw a picture, or show me with your hand.

wear your pants tight then youll see just how broke you are.

reams of data on the shelf wisp away like sand.

move your feet boy while you jump up, try to fly away.

speaking of heavy things you do hear the things you dont.
dont you worry 'bout the sound, your song was magnetized.

books are burning feel the heat from your tv set.

pair of brothers sibling mothers share a simple tent.

time to rise, where to raise, bring another shirt.

leap of faith when fish are flying try we couldnt now.

scenes of whether or not things ever might have been this good.

*because i typed them on the date above.
not on the day that you "the reader" are reading.

wishing that i heard these phrases (but didn't) makes me believe that what i actually heard today or yourday, might could be yawnable/drowzyble.
i want to invent a car that could warrant the name "drowzyble" in a positive/utilitarian light.
i'm shopping for a utilitarian mattress/trebuchet.
we attached to the trebuchet, those snowboarding boot anchors and we are offering $4 to whoever/whatever.
what ever/over.

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