the cary winscott tribute concert and film festival

so, last september really kicked a miserable year of too many surgerys (that didnt go very well) into a more miserable year with hurricane ike.....THEN 3 days later on the way back from the evacuation hearing that my best friend and kindred spirit is not going to "make it" thru the night.

SCREW '08!!

so, this year is smooth sailing so far (except the nerve damage that the last years surgerys caused), and i'm really looking forward to april 5th.

whats happening april 5th you say?

the cary winscott (starfuckerstarfucker) tribute concert and film festival.
the bosses of his posse asked me to organize a band of all his musician buddies, and its a monster band. top notch. allstar. MVP's. band from heaven.

heres the roster for the 1 hour set:
johnny (wolfe) falstaff,Alan (dogman) miller, Eric dane, toby blunt, aaron loesch, ken jones, matt kelly, micheal danburg, ben collis, randy woodard, geoffrey muller, Scott daniels, eddie hawkins, giancarlo caffareena, jo bird, mo perce, lindsay hardin, christi gutowski, hillary reagin, kevin reagin, cary winscott via satelite from heaven, carolyn wonderland via satelite from austin, tony barilla via satelite from kosovo.

also on the bill are the speeding motorcycle orchestra from austin.
then the catastrophic theater orchestra.
then when the sun goes down, the film debut of speeding motorcycle.

speeding motorcycle was a play/musical written from songs of daniel johnston. featuring our buddy cary winscott as one of daniel johnstons' psyche(s).....

its a sunday at discovery green in downtown houston.
should be very nice.


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