rediscovering is such a coughed up idea. i think i'm rediscovering my previous meal.

i forgot about my blog! been a year maybe more since i even remembered that i had a blog. what were blogs ever for without an audience? audience? whats that? the ol' adage, "tree falling in the woods making noise if no one is there to hear it..." is quite ridiculous. of course there is a noise? adoration isn't necessary for music. music happens privately all the time. recitals have been given to imagination. even peacocks have dreams of peaing or cocking or whatever you wanna call the noise they make. can a blade of grass imagine that a human can press it in between it's thumbs and blow air to make a whistle concerto? oh no! what a terrible thought. the grass has to severed in order to do that. songs and sounds from the freshly ripped limb of something. i guess it's not all that morbid, as long as you can grow the limb back. no one ever made music with a starfish? did they?

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