super-sea-ding 1

of all the trust i gave to the sea.
around me.
the things i really couldn't see.
thru the blue.
maybe you.
but probably some sharks.
and squid.
with timely tentacles.
to pull me down perhaps.

of all the trust i gave the sea.
to my own chagrin.
i jumped myself in.
head first dive.
then swim.
and drink the fishy salt.
and not see beyond the bluest whale song.
or wave crash.

of all the trust i gave in the sea
my head stayed up.
and bobbed around.
with the brightest stars
in the night.
and the blackest air.
all up and down.
and nibbled i was.
my pinkest flesh.

of all the trust i am the sea.
we swim to shore.
and taste the beach.
a driftwood me.
and there you are.
to carve me west.