the summer of surgery and what i thought was fleas

so, i needed a break from 7 songs i'm working on at the same time.
(more on this later)
i havent really been into checking friends blogs all summer.
(more on this soon)
so, i checkedout joe matheletes blogs. i totally love this dude. and not just because he turned me onto the super furry animals.
i checkedout eyeouts' blog. he hasnt touched his in years now. i wish he would keep it up. still the most talented writer ever (unless he's hopped up on prozac or some other stupid drug that robs one of creative furvor)
starfucker hasnt posted since he went to do the danial johnston show in austin. i wish he'd blog about his current life. it might make his medical dilemas more tolerable.
then i stroll over to catch up with what gerti is doing.
gerti writes zen like affirmations about her goings on. i'm a bit jealous, because living in beautiful upstate new york, how could one NOT write zen like affirmations about their goings on.
well, it made me think that my blog says nothing about my state of being. and state of being i'm full of. pun intended.
my intention is to make it seem funner in writer than it actually is.

the summer of surgery and vicodin addiction.

2001 in whistler. i took 3 days of snow boarding lessons.
i skipped out on the 3rd day because i felt like 'i got it!'
i sorta had it enough to fall down in fluffy snow on the upper part of the mountain. which was a blast and barely hurt.

i had no idea what i was doing when i took a wrong turn (because my cheap ass academy goggles kept foggin up) went down a small dangerous trail that took me to the wrong side of the mountain. ice. for what seemed like a mile.
stand up fall on my butt. again. again. again....
till my butt hurt. then stand up backwords fall on my hands, again, again, again,.....
till that hurt. back to the butt. back to the hands. back to the butt. owwwwwww!

i'm getting no where too slow. i'm going for it! even though i'm exhausted. within 3 seconds i was going what had to be 50 miles an hour. try to slow down. tumble head first many times. try to twist to not make a ball shape. cartwheel many times. slide. try to recover. to tired. upper part of my body is cartwheeling lower part is summersaulting. you cant break out of a snowboard like you can skis. at the bottom of the mountain, i slide a long time to a stop.

my ski suit, a one piece, is ripped completely. exposing my skin and underwear to the weather. cold! but, i worked up quite a sweat. so now the REAL COLD!
somehow i was near the condo. hobbled there real slow.

ever since then i was able to tell the upcoming weather with my knees. and when houston winter would change to spring. ow.....Ow! for the past eight years it has gotten worse. so much that i decided to do surgery this summer.

plus in april of 2007 i laid the motorcycle down and messed up both shoulders.
that incident is a 'over a year' long drawn out piece of crud in its own right. but i dont digress.

so, in may i got an mri on both knees and both shoulders.
torn meniscus and bone spurs showed up on all four joints. plus signs of arthiritis.

late may. left knee orthoscopic surgery. healed well. quick.
late june. right knee orthoscope'd also. healed faster.

aug. 1st. mom and jerry gs' bday, left shoulder. ugh. while doc was in the hole with a scope, he saw that my rotator cuff was torn almost completely away from what it is supposed to be attached to. he sez its the shoulder of a 90 year old. WHAT! maybe so. maybe so.
6 weeks for the muscle to grow back to the bone. WHAT!
the 6 weeks of getting the muscle up being able to lift. WHAT! ugh.

gotta go back to the work at the opera oct. 1 so i gotta put off the right shoulder till ....
the thanksgiving/christmas holidays.........boooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

so, chalk another up to experience.
i thought there were fleas in the house for a week till i realized that vicodin is an opiate and taking 3 for bedtime was:
taking the pain away. yes.
bringing on the heroin addict itchys real bad. yes.

i plan to stick to my physical therapy till i get buff.
next summer i will be cut. or at least healthy again.

yes i will!
uh huh!
uh huh!
uh huh!
uh huh!

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