part II of why jambands suck

so, in my previous post, i believe i illustrated the fact that i'm a pompous ass about the music that i like...when i like it.

it seems that at one time i did like jam bands. at one time, i may have thought that the music that i like 'now' sucks. and everybody that wasn't following the grateful dead is a dumbass.

it seems that i have a graduate degree in the school of "my music is better than yours".

remember when rock and rollers burned beegee albums and wore shirts that stated 'disco sucks'
apparently, now that i think of it, that was the beginning of my 'music bigotry'.

not that i thought that 'disco sucks', shoot i even had my parents mail order for me the album 'disco duck'...ahem...i know, shut up. at the time i was torn. i liked dressing up in polyester slacks and silk shirts. going down to the nearest 'QuinceaƱera' and showing off my long rehearsed john travolta moves. i also at the time discovered rock and roll like kiss, foghat, queen, styx.

i was really torn.
why did i have to choose a side.
well, i did. i chose to rock out. 1977. corpus christi texas.
i cant remember exactly who i was trying to fit in with. but, they rocked. so i should too.

what is this phenomenon. this music bigotry. this 'us vs. them' thing.

in the early 80's it was country music sucks. rock still prevailed for me, but, it was that rush and yes ruled and all other rock was for pussys.

in the late 80's it was art rock like talking heads and brian eno were so cool that they eclipsed the entire rest of the history of music.

in the 90's pyschedelic music. or at least music on pyschedelics.
except for grunge. grunge sucks.

then the later 90's alt country.
then classic country.

then... i hated all music.
except the stuff that i had liked from the past.
no new music was tolerable. none.

i was always a closet jazzer. and classical was an academic hobby for me.
and i could never get enough of whatever music i happened to be playing/producing.

then i discovered the flaming lips were doing things i had tried to do at one point.
then i discovered the super furry animals were doing things i always dreamed of doing but was incapable of doing.
then the impossibilities of hella!

now. here i am not liking music that i dont love!

preposterous. how stupid to say that i hate anything.
how stupid for anyone to say that this sucks and that dont.
but it happens. what is this music bigotry.

its as though its a natural state of human beings to bigot against something.
maybe its not so much bigoting against something, as it is rallying for something.
its what i hate about sports enthusiest. which i'm not one at all, sports fans suck!
i digress.

but, why does hate happen. is it for the same reason that love happens. for every action theres a reaction. in order to have a world of love, is it that we have to have equal amounts of hate?~!

there is a point here. i'm just not clear on it yet.

next blog. maybe about music likings connected to positive associations.
the "hunny, their playing our song" theory.
the "this song is about me" theory.


Anonymous said...

all this diatribe form a guy who has never made a dime playing music profeesionally. but you are right jam band equals suck

ehaw12gs said...

are you kidding?!!! in my collective professional music career, i've grossed approximately $600,000.

unfortunately, the bar tab was $599,999.70!!!!!!!!