Relief from Belief

Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise (argument) to be true without necessarily being able to adequately prove its main contention to other people who may or may not agree.

faith, reason, and imagination. three classically means to knowledge, meaning or truth.

truth, belief, and justification are notions that are similiar to knowledge.

notion can be described as a reflection in the mind of real objects and phenomena in their essential features and relations.

Loosely speaking, justification is the reason why someone holds the belief, the explanation as to why the belief is a true one, or an account of how one knows what one knows.

one is not what they believe in.
by proving this to you, i would negate this contention.

imagine, if you will, a charity collecting money for its needs. its needs are meaning. its money is intention. will it ever make its mark. do charities intend to complete their course. do they really. or are their true unspoken intentions, to collect forever. for a resolutionless cause. the later, i suppose.

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