son of a solecism; muscience. a brief history in thyme

2 words. seperate islands in a vast sea of culture, philosophy, and intention. brought together with an elusive grasping/releasing of meaning.

mu - a zen reply which unasks the question.

science - a whole lot of questions and a whole lot of answers.

my 2 sisters and i were raised with all the classic pseudo catholic fears and beliefs. halfway explained. mostly enforced. mom, dad, sunday school teachers, teachers, and other adults always gave really lame answers to serious questions from an 8 year old boy. me. haunted thru adolescence by the confusion, i set out to answer my own questions. just like a real grownup scientist. at the time i didnt know that a scientist of questions was called a philosopher. i'm still not sure that i know that or not.

mom brought home a book on yoga when my little sister was in her tummy. she probably heard on the news that yoga was a good thing for pregancy. if you didnt know this, well, now you do. i read the book. i followed the poses. it made me breathe into a place that i never knew. so, here is the linear word association reflective of my realizing a place where breath is. yoga, breathing, gods and goddesses, vibration, light, dark, zen, absence, reflection, me, i, om, mu.

here lies the path to my science of questioning.

are you learning? why do you want to know that? what do you think? where did you get that idea?

how do you feel? where are you, hello? staring at nothing again?

all of these questions were asked to or around me.

my answers, as a kid, couldnt come out. i didnt have the vocabulary to explain my self. i still dont.

but muscience seems to be my rorshack of letters and words.

i was 19 years old. muscience (sounds like conscience), felt like a name for a magazine i wanted to start that dealt with the music of conscience and the science of sound/light as it applies to spirit and form. there was alot of cosmic ideas. there was a ton of science. there was alot of questions asked and unasked, answered and unanswered.

i've been a musician since i was 5 years old. never a great musician, but, always a natural one. i would get bored or in a block so i would learn another instrument. heres the order: piano, reel to reel, painting, guitar, bass, synthesizers, drum machines, 4 track cassette, orchestra, sounds/foley/fx, performance, samplers, fiddle, multitrack studio, traps, mandolin, tabla, song, production, voice, life.

of course, i'm still studying all of the aforementioned. master of none. natural at all.

ideas summed by muscience were always there.

"in order to truly know something, one must learn. then unlearn."

switching instruments allowed me to do this. it may not seem important to most. but, it was the basis of all my intentions. before, and after, i considered it as muscience.

muscience being a verb. being a definition.

"the presence AND absence of a thing makes us whole"

who, where, what,why is god. does it really matter. the f-hole of a violin being my physical being of our understanding of god. its a hole. absent of form. without it (without nothing,) its not a violin.

"to think or not think, that is the essence"

being comfortable in all situations. bad and good have to be embraced. a magic protective device that removes us from the pain of being. called unconditional love. not necessarily for someone. but, for all things, as they are.

muscience. since 1984.



what the fuck chuck said...

dude? are you tripping RIGHT NOW?

ehaw12gs said...

someday the whole world will realize that we are all tripping. high on bioengineering experiments, refined sugars and their brainwashing substitutes. tripping out on seemingly harmless concepts of dualities. tripping hard on enjoying their lack of understanding. and freaking out on apathy towards our mother....earth.

yes, right now. i'm tripping hard.

Anonymous said...

why are you so ordinary?

haw haw said...

Gay sound men on drugs?
If only al Gore could see what his precious internet was being used for!