octophonic duowop group.

8 microphones setup for 8 singers. 4 on the left. 4 on the right.
each mic has its own pa system in the audience. 4 on the left. 4 on the right.

there is enough room for the singers to move around the mic stands.
creating live motion effects in the audience area.

at times singers will move about the mics on mic stands.

other times singers will hold the mics and deliver the motion to the voice.
be it, 8 mics on one singer. 8 mics on some singers. 8 mics on all singers.
along with some mics on one singer. some mics on some singers. some mics on all singers.
along with 1 mic on one singer. 1 mic on some singers. 1 mic on all singers.

the singers holding and moving/dancing the mics from voice place to voice place.
might sound really neat.

i got a set list.
i got the gear.
i got the arrangements in my head.

i dont have the voices.

i dont have time.

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Murphy's Mom said...

I would lend you mine if I were nearby!